Morrow had restraining order in Alberta

Mayoral candidate Josh Morrow at the chamber of commerce mayoral forum on October 12, 2016. © Arthur White-Crummey/Daily Herald

In a long legal dispute with a wheat farmer in St. Paul, Alberta, Mayoral candidate Josh Morrow was accused of intimidation, dangerous driving and property damage, according to court documents obtained by the Daily Herald

Mayoral candidate Josh Morrow was slapped with a restraining order in 2011 after allegedly trying to provoke a fight with a wheat farmer.

The incident is one of at least three legal disputes involving Morrow around St. Paul, Alberta, which left behind a trail of animosity with his neighbours.

In sworn affidavits filed with the Court of Queen’s Bench in St. Paul, Alberta, wheat farmer Chris Henderson alleged that, on September 30, 2011, Morrow attempted to ram Henderson’s combine with a tractor, forcing it off a swath he was ploughing.

Morrow countered that he was merely trying to block Henderson, who he had barred from his lands due to a prior dispute. Henderson was growing his crop on property Morrow had recently purchased, and claimed he had a rental agreement with the previous owner.

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