More childcare spaces soon to be available at St. Michael and St. John schools

Daily Herald File Photo

The Prince Albert Catholic School Division and Prince Albert Childcare Co-operative Association have partnered together to create more childcare spaces in the city.

Two new locations will open in the next 12 months—one at St. Michael Community School and another at St. John Community School.

Catholic School Division director of education Lorel Trumier updated the board on plans for both locations at the Monday meeting. She said they’re looking forward to the partnership.

“We are excited,” trumier said. “It’s going to be a good project. It will support the families in that community and it also brings on the ability to have a before and after school care in those locations as well for working families.”

The Prince Albert Childcare Co-operative Association has agreed to operate the daycare at St. Michael School. The facility will be licenced for 12 infants, 10 toddlers, and five pre-schoolers.

The daycare will open in August 2022. Before and after school age programs will also be available.

The school division signed the agreement with the co-operative on June 15.

“Yes we are happy to have that operation (starting),” Trumier said. We did an expression of interest for childcare operators in the city, and obviously, Prince Albert Childcare Co-operative gave a submission and a well-designed plan so that we would be ready to enter that agreement with them.”

The agreement to operate the daycare in St. John Community School still has to be finalized, but is expected to be ready in time for the opening in Spring 2023.

Director Jodene Demorest brought forward the original plan to create a partnership for a Ministry of Education approved childcare in St. John. The daycare would be a 50-space licenced capacity.

Trumier said both the board of education and co-operative are involved in discussions, but are still working on an agreement.

“We are certainly one step closer,” she said.

Trumier added that some minor renovations will be necessary to make the space suitable at St. John.

“There will be areas for their children to play because they are younger in age. There will be fenced areas for that, and certain rooms will have to be adjusted,” she explained.

“For example at St. Michael there are going to be infant spaces, and there are certain criteria for childcare facilities for infants, so that has to also happen. We have to assess all of that at St. John.”

Trumier said the division looks forward to continuing their partnership with the co-operative.