Ministry of Highways suspends work near Candle Lake due to heavy rainfall

Work crews were forced to suspend repair work on this section of Highway 265 near Candle Lake following heavy rain. This photo is from Aug. 23. -- Saskatchewan Highway Hotline/Facebook

Work crews were forced to suspend a repair project in the Candle Lake area on Thursday due to heavy rainfall.

Improvements to Highway 265, which serves the Resort Village and Candle Lake and Candle Lake Provincial Park, were halted after higher-than-usual rainfall levels weakened the ground beneath the road surface. Standing water is also a concern.

The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure says an engineering team will review the project and make recommendations for future repairs. All disturbed sections of the road were treated with lime dust, and reduced speeds of 60 km/hr instead of the typical 80 km/hr are in place.

The contractor has already moved on to another project. The Ministry said they will return to finish the repairs before the end of the construction season.

The Ministry also apologized to motorists for any inconvenience.

Drivers can check for alternate routes by visiting