Millennial fashion trends at LUX

UX Clothing in Prince Albert aims to provide the newest fashion trends to their customers.

Catering to women aged 14 to 40, LUX Clothing in Prince Albert aims to provide the newest fashion trends to their customers. Owned locally by Susan and Paul Luedtke, LUX primarily offers clothing, denim, dresses, tops and sweaters, jackets and also unique Canadian and Saskatchewan made jewelry.

“We find our fashion products attract customers of all ages, including some regular male customers,” explains Susan.

LUX is a true family business with the Luedtke’s four daughters helping when they can with buying, working at the store and sharing their creative ideas. Currently the store employs two other employees in addition to family members.

“We started the business in 2011, shortly after we invested in our downtown building,” says Susan. “Our oldest daughter was interested in business and fashion and we made a family decision to open the clothing store.”

Although they were new to the fashion and retail business, Susan relates that their experience in managing non-profit organizations did provide them with some skills related to finance, personnel, creative problem solving and interpersonal relationships. “We researched the fashion retail business and talked with others who had experience. There was lots to learn and we continue to learn along our way as the industry has changed a lot in the last 7 years !!”

LUX Clothing is located in the building which was Craig’s Department store for many years. “Many people have talked with us about memories they have about shopping there,” says Susan.

Susan is appreciative of the people who choose to patronize LUX.

“Our customers are people who like fashion, and who believe in supporting local businesses when they can. We very much appreciate everyone who chooses to visit our shop.”