Melfort Youth Evolution gives back to community through Clothing Swap

Photo courtesy of Nancy Duns. The Melfort Youth Evolution hosted their second annual Clothing Swap on Sunday, Oct. 1 at the Melfort Legion.

Melfort Youth Evolution (MYE) found another way to give back to the community on Sunday, Oct.1 when they hosted their second annual Community Clothing Swap at the Melfort Legion.

Katherine Carswell of Melfort Youth Evolution said the swap provided clothing for residents of any age. The remaining clothing was then distributed to those in need.

“We asked the community to bring up to 10 items to exchange, to swap, so bring a bag full of the 10 items that you’d like to trade or swap,” Carswell explained.

She said they had plenty of clothing to donate, since some attendees left with less than they brought so MYE could distribute them to worthy organizations.

“We ended up with a surplus, same as last year and then what we did is we said that any leftovers would be donated in our community,” Carswell explained.

The NEOSS Women’s Shelter, the Marguerite Riel Centre and the Salvation Army were selected to receive leftovers. Soft, comfortable items went to NEOSS, winter clothing went to the Marguerite Riel Centre and the Salvation Army received what was left.

Carswell said the event was both a way to keep clothing that can still be used out of the landfill, and help vulnerable community members in need.

“The youth were happy to see that they were helping the community,” Carswell said. “It’s actually something that they can do and they see that could make a visible difference…. They could see that they were helping people right away.”

Carswell said they have seven active members and are always recruiting more.

She explained that it will be up to the membership if they want to do it again next year.

I’m fairly certain they will, as they find it rewarding to help the community this way. It’s fun for them to swap as well, they really enjoy it,” Carswell said.

“The youth really enjoy doing this and they look forward to it every year,” she added.