Melfort resident running for rights and freedoms

Joseph McCrea, of Melfort, says he is running for MP to protect rights and freedoms. Photo submitted.

Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

When new Melfort resident Joseph McCrea got the opportunity to run for federal politics and possibly represent the Prince Albert constituency for the People’s Party of Canada, he took it.

“I’ve always been for freedom and people’s rights and freedoms and values. This past couple years, since 2019, I’ve noticed that our rights and freedoms have been taken from us,” he said in a telephone interview on Aug. 25.

He recently moved from Saskatoon to Melfort with his wife and three children.

McCrea likes the platform put forward by the PPC.

“Why I picked the People’s Party is because they’re different than the rest of the parties. The other political parties, like the Conservatives, or the Liberal Party or the NDP, they are all the same party. They are focusing on climate change, the lockdowns and vaccine passports.

So we are the only political platform party that’s based on principles, and doing politics differently,” he said.

For McCrea, issues facing Canadians during the pandemic are being caused by government messaging regarding the COVID-19 virus.

If the party is elected one of the first things they would do is change rules regarding vaccines.

“We would basically get rid of the vaccine passports. We know that people are afraid of the virus and that has a lot to do with the propaganda from the government. It’s not about being vaccinated or not vaccinated, the question is do you want to live in a police state?” he said.

A second priority for the PPC is addressing the national debt.

“We are over $70B into the debt right now, and the Liberals plan to add another $94B over the next four years,” said McCrea. “We want to cut taxes, cut spending and balance a budget so that in the next four years, when we’re elected, we can have this country out of debt.”

“The PPC will not be buying votes with borrowed money but will balance budgets as quickly as possible, lowering taxes,” he stated.

A third priority has been in the spotlight recently because of COVID-19.

“We also are looking at religious freedoms and freedom of expression. Right now in Canada, religious leaders are getting arrested for freedom of religion or going to church when there’s restrictions. We want to scrap all those bills that take away our freedom of expression or freedom of speech,” he said.

As to why he would be the right person to represent Prince Albert in Ottawa, McCrea said that he will be a voice for change.

“I am very hardworking and I have a passion for Canada and I want to see change in this country. So what I would like to do if people voted for the PPC is, I’m not just going to be a politician, I’m going to fight for our country, say no to a lot of corrupt bills that are going to be passed in the house and stand up for people’s rights.”

“I’m a property manager by day and voice for freedom outside of work hours by night.”