Vaccine file photo.

The province is introducing new requirements to wear masks at all indoor public locations, starting tomorrow.

Premier Scott Moe made the announcement via a live social media feed an hour ago, saying that those deciding to remain unvaccinated are causing huge pressures on the health care system and are extending the pandemic for those who did get vaccinated.

“Unlike previous waves, this wave is being driven almost entirely by one group that consists of 20 to 30 per cent of the population – those that have chosen to remain unvaccinated,” said Moe. “New cases are overwhelmingly unvaccinated people. Hospitalizations are overwhelmingly unvaccinated people.”

“As a government we have been patient. Possibly too patient. The time for patience is now over,” he said.

Unvaccinated people are not only impacting themselves, but the province as a whole, he said.

The new measures to be announced later today will aim to reduce the impact on the health care system and increase vaccination rates.

By the time the masking order is lifted at the projected timeline of the end of October, there will have been a proof of vaccination or negative test policy for about a month.

A proof of vaccination or negative test policy will start on October 1 and include several types of businesses and events, Moe said.

All employees of government, including Crown corporations and agencies will be required to be vaccinated as of October 1.

“Proof of full vaccination is required as of October 1,” said Moe. Alternatively, those who cannot be vaccinated will be required to provide consistent proof of negative tests.