Man evades police dog, still arrested

Police Service Dog Daxa. Photo courtesy Kelsey Bighetty.

Police Service Dog Daxa was deployed Sunday to take down a suspect, who resisted her efforts and sped away in a vehicle.

Around 2:30 a.m. Sunday, police pulled over a “vehicle of interest.” At that moment, a 25-year-old man got out and raced away carrying a firearm.

Daxa and an officer took off after him on foot. The dog “engaged” him several times, but he “resisted being stopped.”

He did drop a firearm however – a sawed off .22 rifle.

After evading Daxa and the officer, the suspect managed to return to the vehicle, which sped away from the scene.

But police succeeded in stopping the vehicle a few blocks later. They arrested the man, as well as a female driver and another female passenger.

The man was charged with obstruction of an officer by resisting arrest and six firearms related charges. He was set to appear in provincial court on Monday.