Man charged after trying to escape PA police in suspected stolen vehicle

Herald file photo

Prince Albert police have charged one man after he attempted to flee from officers on Monday.

Around 4 p.m., members of the Criminal Investigations Division spotted an SUV that was reported stolen in an alley on the 1500 block of McIntosh Drive. Officers had already tried to stop the vehicle earlier that day.

Once they located it the second time, two unmarked police vehicles contained the suspect.

He tried to flee and drove into the police vehicles.

Then, marked patrol units came to assist in the arrest. Police say they had to deploy a spray to “gain control” of the man and, during the incident, one of the windows on the stolen SUV broke.

Germaine Michel, 31, is facing several charges. This includes assaulting a police officer, assault with a weapon, resisting arrest, criminal negligence, operating a vehicle in a manner dangerous to the public and possession of a weapon dangerous to the public.

Michel also had several outstanding warrants for his arrest.

He appeared in court on Tuesday.