Love Me or Hate Me – Part 7

Submitted photo.

Well my friends, it looks as if we have come to the last article of my 7-part series. This is something I wanted to get out in the open for over 4 years. I’m sure you can appreciate how good it feels to finally clarify some inaccuracies or misconceptions that were surrounding me in the past. Secondly, it was important to me that you know a little more about my life, things that have motivated me and real-life hardships I faced. I have written this with true sincerity for you all. There are so many people in this City that need help, need support and have gone through things a million times worse than what I have endured. I was told once that if everyone threw their problems into a basket, you would be darn lucky to get your own back. I believe that whole-heartedly. I set a goal for myself to knock down and rid the city of as many abandoned, unsalvageable properties that I could financially afford and started the complete renovation of an entire apartment complex to update and improve a beautiful area within the city. I told people I was going to do that and with so many empty promises in the world today, I was not going to be one of those people who fell into that category. I am very proud of what I have done here and even more excited to carry on and continue finding opportunities and projects where I can financially support my family and add value to this incredible City. I sleep better at night; I can walk with my head high and feel a great sense of self worth knowing I have made a small difference here. From a small child I always had that type of personality that I could do better if I were just given the chance. I may not have had success the first time, but I can guarantee you that someday, somehow, I would achieve what I set out to do. It took me over 15 years to figure out why there was this fire within me to succeed at whatever It was I focused on. People could not understand why I was so persistent and relentless in achieving my goals. The answer is clear now. I hope to put this in a way that hits home and pulls a bit on your heart strings. Imagine you work 13 years, slowly progressing and advancing toward a profession whether that is to become a doctor, a surgeon, a supreme court judge, a high ranking officer in the police force, the premiere of our province or the principal of a school and within 5 seconds you are given notice that its all over. Basically, it was like building a home on your own from the ground up with sweat and tears, saving every dime you could to make it exactly how you wanted it and right before you were given the key, you stand outside and watch someone burn it to the ground. Your out on the street, you are disoriented and have absolutely no idea where to turn or where to go. As you know, my shoulder was destroyed because of an incompetent surgeon. Would I rebuild what I lost, or would I succumb to failure? I made the decision to pursue everything that I lost, find everything that was taken away from me, regain every missed opportunity and for everyone who doubted me or didn’t believe in me I would eventually prove them wrong. I have been preaching for years on how your environment shapes you. My dream for Prince Albert is to create an environment of supporting one another and encouraging people to do their best. Make opportunities available for success and reduce the options for failure. An environment of family first and a sense of community where everyone watches out for one another and pulls together to make this a better place to raise our families. If I can play a small part in motivating someone to reach their dream, supporting our children to reach for the stars, or inspire someone to read my story and know that if I am comfortable putting myself out there in a vulnerable way that maybe they too can find confidence to do the same. My story will not stop here, this I promise, and I certainly will not give up on you, your families, or this City. You may find that a new journey awaits us, one that is just around the corner, but this time, the main character will be YOU………

My name is Josh Morrow and this was my story.