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Tuesday, October 3, 2023
Home News Longtime Legion member honoured to receive Quilt of Valour

Longtime Legion member honoured to receive Quilt of Valour

Longtime Legion member honoured to receive Quilt of Valour
Prince Albert Legion Photo Brenda Cripps presented Prince Albert Legion Member Clarence Jackson with a Quilt of Valour.

Second World War veteran Clarence Jackson recently became the third Prince Albert Legion member to receive a Quilt of Valour in a private ceremony.

This came after he also received his 75-year pin and bar from Prince Albert Legion.

By email Jackson told the Herald that he had not heard of the Quilt of Valour prior to the ceremony, but was grateful to have it, and not just because it would keep him warmer at night.

“I am quite honoured to receive it,” he said.

Brenda Cripps, Provincial Zone Commander and Service Officer for the Prince Albert Branch No. 2 presented the Quilts of Valour to Jackson.

“It’s a hug from a very grateful nation, being us, and a tribute to an injured Canadian Armed Forces member past or present or anybody that served in the Canadian Armed Forces,” Cripps said.

“Though we may not know the depth of your sacrifice to protect and defend our freedom we thank you and as a gesture of our gratitude from a grateful nation we present you with this Quilt of Valour that you can wrap around your shoulders,” she added.

The quilts are made by Quilts of Valour-Canada Society. Their mission as a Society is to ensure that all Canadian military members, past and present who are ill or injured as a result of their service and sacrifice to our country, are recognized and honoured with a Quilt of Valour.

Jackson enlisted in the Canadian Navy in March 1944 at the age of 17 and a half years old. He said his reasons for enlisting were similar to other young men.

“Like so many others of my age back then, I felt it was the right thing to do,” he explained.

After completing training, Jackson joined the crew of the HMCS Red Deer as a gunlayer where he served for the remainder of the war and a bit beyond.

Jackson was kept on the Red Deer until October of 1945 even though the rest of the crew had been either discharged or re-posted. As such he was the last and only member of the crew when he was finally taken off the ship.

He was discharged in March of 1946 in Regina where he had first signed up two years earlier.

Previously in 2022 Prince Albert Legion members Ed Laird and Michel Langlois received a Quilt of Valour.