Local RM office closed for one day over possible COVID-19 exposure

As a precautionary measure the RM of Prince Albert, RM of Buckland, the Prince Albert and District Planning Commission and Prince Albert Rural Water Utility temporarily closed their administrative offices on River Street East in Prince Albert.

Acccording to RM of Buckland reeve Don Fyrk the closure was only for one day.

“We are back to work tomorrow. One of the councillors had a very bad chest cold so we were waiting for the tests to come back and they came back negative so the office will be open again tomorrow,” Fyrk said.

“It is all good it is just a regular seasonal cold,” he explained.

The councillor had recently returned from Costa Rica, a COVID-19 hotspot, and returned via Toronto.

The short-term closure was in response to receiving the information late in the day on Sunday, March 15 that an individual who recently traveled abroad is currently undergoing testing for COVID-19 and has been in contact with several employees and members of Council for both RMs.

The organizations said in their statement that they take the health and wellbeing of the public and their employees seriously.