Local firm donates $10,000 to hospice campaign

Ravi Prakash, Marina MItchell and Jim Brown pose for a photo on Oct. 4 in Prince Albert. (Peter Lozinski/Daily Herald)

Thanks to a local consulting and engineering firm, the Rose Garden Hospice project is $10,000 closer to its goal.

Prakash Consulting LTD Structural Engineers presented a $10,000 donation to the cause Friday morning at their office.

The donation will go towards the campaign to build a freestanding hospice on land that’s been donated along Marquis Road.

“We need it here,” principal engineer Ravi Prakash said of the Hospice.

“That’s the only facility that can house people who are very sick.”

Also on hand was Jim Brown, the senior technologist at Prakash engineering. He also serves on the Hospice building committee.

“It was a good choice because Prince Albert definitely needs a facility like this,” he said.

“If you’ve ever been in a situation where you have to visit a terminal patient in the hospital, it’s really not a nice experience. This facility will make it a nicer experience for the patient and the people visiting.”

Hospice board member Marina Mitchell said that Brown has been a “wonderful asset” to the building committee.

“He’s helped along the way and guided us through the many steps that will see this become a reality,” she said.

As for the donation, it’s helpful too.

“It’s one step closer to our goal,” she said.

“Different businesses in the community are stepping up and considering donating for the hospice. We’re really excited.”

The hospice board is hoping to raise $4 million for construction costs. It is hoping to be operational by 2021. The province has pledged $2 million per year to the hospice in operating funding beginning in 2021.

Donations like the one received Friday help to keep momentum going.

“It keeps the awareness pumping and keeps us in the news, and shows people that we are getting donations,” Mitchell said. “Small ones, big ones — we are trucking away.”