Little Red River temporarily closed until further notice

Little Red River Park. -- Herald file photo.

Emokhare Paul Anthony

Daily Herald

The entrances to the central core area of Little Red River has been closed to the public due to the continual rising waters of the Spruce River, until further notice.

The park which was closed on Wednesday, June 19 at 10pm. The Pine Grove Entrance Gate to the West and Main entrance to Little Red River Park was also closed.

“It’s really difficult dealing with water because you are not sure of when the rain will fall and how heavy, so we have kept the school and families wanting to come for excursion at the park away till when we are sure its safe enough to allow them come and have fun,” said Tim Yeaman, Parks Manager for the City of Prince Albert.

The Water Security Agency (WSA) has indicated that current water levels at Anglin Lake are nine inches above safe levels and to protect the integrity of the dam they are required to complete a draw-down of the water.

“The Park is anticipating bank flow and flooding possibilities due to the increased outflow over the next couple of days. WSA is predicting outflow approaching what was observed in 2013. As a precaution and to ensure the safety of our guests and users of the park the City finds it necessary to restrict all access to the public until the threat has subsided and it is considered safe to allow the public back into the space,” said Yeaman.

The city is asking the public to stay clear of the area ensuring entrances remain clear allowing for City crews, Emergency Services and any and all resources to gain access if required during this time.

“We are monitoring the water level and once its subsides back to normal water level the park will be open and updates will be provided as they become available,” said Yeaman.

Little Red River park is known for it’s beauty and serenity, while still within the city limits. The park is open year round and provides trails for bikers, hikers and skiers, depending on the season.

The Park also hosts family outings, hot dog roasts, weddings, and events like the Pine Needle Bike & Music Festival.