Levesque surprised to win People’s Choice for High School Juried Art Show

Submitted by Mann Art Gallery Kiara Levesque’s “Kokomi” was named People’s Choice Award winner for the 2024 High School Juried Art Show.

Kiara Levesque, a Grade 10 student from Carlton Comprehensive High School has been named the winner of the People’s Choice Award for the High School Juried Art Show. 

Her captivating watercolour piece, titled “Kokomi,” has captured the hearts and votes of the public, earning her this prestigious recognition. 

Levesque was amazed to be selected as People’s Choice winner.

“I mean, I was surprised, but I have a pretty dedicated family, we went every once in a while (and voted). There’s just so many amazing pieces in there that it was really anyone could have won, but I’m of course happy that it was me,” Levesque said 

She explained that “Komoni’ was inspired by another medium. 

“I was inspired by a character from a video game I play. I chose her because of her bright colors and flowy hair and design, which I thought I could capture well with watercolor,” Levesque explained  

“I found inspiration from one of her story quests that I was doing in the video game where she made it rain in the middle of nowhere and I was like, I need to capture that. So I’ve really tried my best,”  

She works in diverse mediums in her work. 
“I do most mediums, but watercolour is my favorite,” Levesque said. 

“I hope so yes,” 

She added that she hopes she has a piece that is strong enough but is certain she will. 

“I’ve been working at Christina’s for three years now. I’m her senior assistant, so I go in and I help teach kids art,” 

Kiara serves as an Art Assistant at Christina’s Art School, has demonstrated remarkable talent and dedication to her craft.  

“I’ve been working at Christina’s for three years now. I’m her senior assistant, so I go in and I help teach kids art,” 

According to the Mann Art Gallery in announcing the award Levsque’s winning piece showcases not only her technical skill but also her unique artistic vision. “Kokomi” stands out with its vibrant colours and intricate details, reflecting the depth of Kiara’s creativity and passion for art. 

According to the Mann The High School Juried Art Show saw an impressive array of over 60 submissions this year, spanning various mediums including photography, welding, oil, pastel, and clay. The diversity and quality of the artworks displayed highlight the immense talent present in our young artists. Each piece was a testament to the hard work and artistic growth of the students, making this year’s show a truly inspiring event. 

Altogether 10 youths were awarded at the opening reception  of the high school art show. Grade 10 student Owen Willie received the Artistic Innovation Award for his metal sculpture called Cowpoke. Zyrah Macatuno, also in Grade 10, was awarded for Creative Exploration in Any Medium for a photography entry called Sunscreen. Grade 11 student Siobhan McKinney received the Emerging Artist Award for an acrylic on canvas piece called Farm House. Alex McLeod, a Grade 11 student, took the Juror’s Choice Award for photography entry Alter Ego.  

The Artistic Achievement Award was passed to Isabella Peters for her pencil sketching piece entitled Styles. Two artists were named for the Barb Lacey Memorial Award: Kain Torgersen, a Grade 9 student, received the award for Deathnote created with alcohol markers; Grade 12 student Emily Hrynuik was awarded for Buffalo Runner, a mixed medium beadwork on leather piece. Naviah Johnson, a Grade 11 student, took the Photography Award for Windows to the Soul. 

The High School Juried Art Show ran at the Mann Art Gallery from April 27 until June 8. 

The Mann Art Gallery congratulated  Levesque for her outstanding achievement with “Kokomi.”  

The People’s Choice Award is sponsored by Kyla Art Group.