Letter to the editor: This community needs Marion Aquatics to stay open

To Mayor Dionne and Prince Albert City Council:

Self-Care. Personal Well-Being. Life-Work Balance.

Mindfulness. Buzzwords that have become everyday lingo due to this Covid-19 pandemic.

We are reminded by our government leaders, our employers, our co-workers, our friends, our loved ones to stay strong through one of the most difficult challenges any of us will likely face in our lifetime.

As a regular user of the Marion Aquatics pool, the Aquacise program is an integral part of my personal well-being. I ask that you keep the doors open, at least until the new facility is operational.

Marion Aquatics programming is critical to the personal self-care of citizens, of all ages, of Prince Albert as well as surrounding communities.

You have listened to the user groups of Marion Aquatics in the past. Please do so again.

Put the people of your community before your pocketbook.

Terri-Ann Storey