Letter to the editor: carbon tax a way to work toward better future


It is fascinating how deeply concerned government leaders become about women, children, and the elderly – when it is convenient.
One of Premier Scott Moe’s reactions to the Supreme Court’s decision on the carbon tax was to say how economically hard this would be for the elderly or for single mothers who have to drive to work.

Many of the elderly live on inadequate pensions, many single mothers work for the lowest minimum wage in the country, and many of the province’s children live in dire poverty.

This government and previous Saskatchewan Party and Saskatchewan Conservative governments have rejected the idea of a decent minimum wage, have dismantled an outstanding dental program for children (ultimately creating costlier health problems), and eliminated the intercity bussing service so poor people have to hitchhike and many women and children lost one way to escape abusive situations.

Where was the concern about women, children, and the elderly then?

I am 69 years old and I pick up hitchhikers, or did until COVID, and it breaks my heart to leave them on the road. I especially worry about the women, many of whom may be forced to “pay” for their ride.

The carbon tax is one way to work toward a better future for all of us, and I am happy to pay it (on my pension). I only wish rather than giving me a rebate, the money would go directly to environmental programs.

Meg Shatilla
Spruce Home