Landfill project moving to next phase for City of Prince Albert

The design for the landfill expansion included in the Request For Proposal by the City of Prince Albert. -- City of Prince Albert

The City of Prince Albert has moved ahead with their project to redesign the Prince Albert Landfill.

The city has put out a request for proposals, which opened in mid-May and closes on June 10, for consultants to provide the city with a detailed design and tender for a new waste cell at the landfill and for decommissioning and reclamation of the existing waste cells.

“The two existing waste cells are coming close to their end of life so the City is planning to have the new waste cell in operation by the fall of 2021,” Nykol Miller, Capital Projects Manager for Public Works said.

The project has already received interest with 11 interested parties visiting the sight at a pre-qualification visit that occurred last week.

The landfill is located three kilometers northwest of the city in the RM of Buckland and is 120.4 hectares, including 13.2 hectares of decommissioned mound disposal, 2.1 hectares of contaminated soil storage, two active waste cells and 30.3 hectares identified for future use.

The existing waste cells are reaching capacity and the new cell will be required by the next year to continue operations.

“The decommissioning and reclamation would be bringing it to Saskatchewan Environment standards where we have to put a cover on top of the existing landfill. There would be a seeding plan, (and) an upgrading plan to bring it to their standards and in compliance with environment,” Miller explained.

Once the request for proposals ends, the project will be voted on the 2021 budget. Pending budget approval, the city anticipates that there would be one new waste cell tender with construction completed in 2021 and one tender for existing waste cells decommissioning and reclamation with construction completed in 2022.

“In 2020 Public Works put out a budget for putting the study together for the cell design and the design and tender for the new weigh scale and the decommissioning, reclamation and also the operations plan and the actual new construction of the waste cell would be part of the 2021 budget,” she said.

The landfill has been in operation since 1974 and in 2002 a hundred-year landfill was designed.

“It is just a continuation of that design from 2002 where we are going to an engineered cell complete with a liner and a Leachate system that takes any of the water from the waste,” Miller explained. “It treats it correctly compared to the cell that had existed prior to that from 1974 to 2002 which was an older design.”

Without knowing the cost of the project the RFP asks that consultants base their proposal on an estimated construction cost of $3,500,000 for the cell construction and $2,000,000 for the optional project pricing for the decommissioning and reclamation utilizing 2020 rates.

This project is for the detailed Design and Tender for one new waste cell and decommissioning and reclamation plan for the landfill including the existing two waste cells. The project will also include a review and update of the Operations Plan.  The scope includes new cell design, future cells design, the updating of the operations plan and a decommissioning and reclamation plan.

After the tender is awarded a cost estimate will be required by October 2020 for budget purposes. Another estimate will be required pre-tender.

Another estimate is required after the tender is awarded based on low tender and other items including engineering and consulting fees with adjustments. These estimates are used for obtaining approvals, budgetary control and construction cost control.