Knowledge Keepers at forefront of Canada Day riverbank celebration

Knowledge keepers can take all kinds of forms, and when presented in a family friendly environment on our nation’s birthday, the chances of the students taking the lessons away with them is more likely.

Take Joel Miedema, an instructor with the Saskatoon Juggling Club. He was on hand to teach students of all ages “all kinds of circus skills…learn some unicycles and spinning plates and Chinese yo-yo, and learn how to juggle all kinds of implements!”

Tricia Badger was a parent on hand to proudly see her daughter Kelly learn how to juggle. Badger said that “it’s actually pretty awesome. My kids actually got to take part in stuff and do things instead of just looking and watching.

Joel Miedema gives a quick lesson during Canada Day celebrations at the riverbank on Friday, July 1. — Photo by Marjorie Roden.

“We came right at two o’clock, so they’re loving it. It’s nice to see them actually participating hands on.”

Also present was a hands-on demonstration of little robotic cars hosted by Engineering for Kids of North Saskatchewan. Parent Tammy Dreer was impressed by the hands-on demonstration as her two children, seven-year-old Avery and three-year-old George had fun operating the robots.

 “I think it’s good, and entertaining for them,” Dreer said.

When asked if she could see her children possibly getting into robotic engineering as adults, Dreer said quickly “Possibly, POSSIBLY!”

Another entertaining but also educational performance at the riverbank was hoop dancer Lawrence Roy, who also takes his duty as a knowledge keeper and protector of the Earth extremely seriously. Roy completed his dance, with a number of his hoops being held in a spherical shape.

“This ball that I have represents our Earth,” Roy told the audience.

“Everything on Earth is all connected, from one thing to another thing and so on and so on… If we take one thing out of our Earth, our Earth falls apart, so we need to look after everything on our Earth, and everybody, so that we are all equal, and we’re not better or more than anybody else because we all have one thing in common.”