Kinsmen, Winter Festival team up for rock cabaret

People dance during the inaugural Prince Albert Winter Festival rock show cabaret on Feb. 16, 2019. (Peter Lozinski/Daily Herald)

While the Winter Festival Rock Show experience is a relatively new show, it was joined by an even newer event Saturday.

For the first time ever, the rock show was followed by a rock cabaret, and the Winter Festival had a bit of help putting it on.

“It’s brand new for us. We were planning to do a cabaret and then we were approached by the Kinsmen, who wanted to see if we could partner with them. It worked out really well for us,“ said Winter Festival president Barry Mihilewicz.

“I hope it worked out really well for them too. That may well be the first of many to come.”

The cabaret was held in a way similar to how the Voices of the North Cabaret is done. Some of the cabaret bands were invited to participate in the rock show experience, where performers emulate some of the greatest acts of all time to bring mega rock hits to the Prince Albert audience.

After the show, people who had bought tickets for the cabaret were welcomed back and treated to music from Whipping Post and Rewind.

“I think it went pretty well,” Mihilewicz said.

“We would have liked to have more people there, but the people who were there had a great time, and I thought the cabaret was really good.”

The Kinsmen also seemed pleased with the partnership.

“I see a lot of great things — great music, people having a lot of fun and instead of two groups competing against each other, we’re joining together and I think it’s been a success,” said Prince Albert Kinsmen Club president Brad Amy.

He said it was important that the two groups show each other support.

“I think partnerships like this are necessary in Prince Albert so people aren’t competing,” he said.

“I also think it’s important that we help each other. Telemiracle sells itself, but the Winter Festival also needs their support. When we get together, good things happen.”