Josh Morrow Campaign – Part 1

A little less of me and a lot more of you!

Hello family, friends, and fellow citizens. First, I want to thank you for following the last 7 weeks of my story and continuing this journey with me. As of yesterday, I, Josh Morrow, officially submitted papers to become the next Mayor of this great city. Many of you may be wondering why someone would want to go through this again. I do believe it says a lot about a man’s character in how he handles failure and I also believe that if someone quits after the first time, they must not have been serious about what they set out to accomplish. Looking at this from a citizen’s perspective, I want someone who can bring us all together, someone who will not shy away from the real issues and someone who will not give up on you and your families. We truly need someone who will focus on the most important asset we have within the City and that is you and your children. I have watched now for weeks upon weeks of the same old political games where it is all about the individual running. I know you are tired of it and so am I. My heart bleeds for this city on so many levels and if it means falling on the sword again to make this a better place, then it is time to make that happen. The full intention of sharing my life story with you over the past couple months was to ensure this election is all about you and less about me. I have explained and divulged my story because I genuinely wanted to build a trusting relationship with you. This now provides me the opportunity to stay focused on my message and allows me to share my hopes and dreams for this struggling city that desperately needs fundamental guidance and a clear direction. I want you to know I have learned a lot from the mistakes I had made last election and your feedback was heard loud and clear. You helped me come back better, stronger, and more educated on what we can do together as a community. A new culture will extend into our council chamber, where we may not always agree, but I will ensure that an atmosphere of co-operation, constructive thinking and respectful debate is protected and enforced to restore an energetic, efficient and fully functioning system where the best interest of you and your families are always first and foremost. Focusing on family is a centerpiece of my platform. As you all know, a strong family and support system creates success, health, and the overall well-being of our residents. I wish to see “family” used a lot more frequently in the day to day operations at city hall. I am not ok with the violent crime, break and enters and theft. I am not ok with your hard-earned property taken from you and I am certainly not ok with anyone who threatens or attempts to cause you or your family harm in any way. My top priority as Mayor will be to hammer down on these criminals and restore a sense of safety and security that you have not felt before. It is going to be hard, but I know it is possible. Life is about choices and we need to work together on this. You and I have many things in common and we agree that many things need to change. The beautiful thing about this election is the unprecedented desire from each and every one of you to reshape and restore the fundamentals of life right here where we live. These problems will not change overnight. We need to be realistic. A process must be implemented to start seeing incremental improvements every week, every month and every year. Tomorrow needs to be better than today and that is something I am completely committed to achieving. After many conversations with people, they always told me that someone would eventually do something about all the problems here in Prince Albert. After all this time, no one has, so I am stepping up to be that someone who will. Join me for part 2 in next Thursday’s Daily Herald and let’s walk this road together.