Is it really spring in Prince Albert?

While out for a walk this weekend, I noticed a sure sign that spring must be coming, a pair of geese went flying by. I am certain they are a bit confused as are we with what to do with all this snow. Ball teams are planning tryouts and some are even practicing indoors. What a strange spring it is starting out to be.

Just one brief reminder to make sure to push, pull, and blow or drag as much snow as you can away from your house. A rapid warm spell will signal melting and the word is out, Prince Albert and area might see some flooding. Don’t wait till the water has encircled your home to make some plans.

With the extended day light hours, everyone is trying their best to get outside for some exercise. I’ve seen runners, walkers and the odd cyclist enjoying the outdoors but with still many large ridges of snow, motorists and cyclists need to share the road ways. Often when a pedestrian and vehicle collide we sometimes think the motorist was to blame. While that may be true the opposite can also be true. Just as we would teach younger children who walk home after school to use pedestrian crosswalks and signals or obey the instructions of school patrollers, we ourselves must heed the same advice.

Some basic simple rules when crossing the street not only include the previously mentioned but also crossing at corners and not in the middle of the block. Stop, look both ways and when safe then make your way across the street. Wait for the proper hand signal or green light to cross a busy intersection. My favorite is pushing the walk button multiple times thinking the more times I push the sooner the walk signal will be displayed.

Walk in opposite direction of traffic, if walking in the early morning hours or later in the evening, and wear something reflective or with bright colours. While the calendar says spring, the ice means proper footwear and for those persons with mobility issues using a walker, cane or other device to safely navigate the streets.

As motorists we need to watch out for pedestrians. You wouldn’t expect them along a busy street to pop out in the middle of the intersection, though they might, crossing at the corner is where you’ll likely see pedestrians. When approaching an intersection, if pedestrians are present, give them the opportunity to cross and be patient especially if the road appears slippery. In residential areas please slow down to watch for pedestrians and pets outside. It is time for motorists to think spring and with spring you can expect a lot more people out walking trying to dodge puddles and snow to get exercise.

Lots of local businesses have got their bicycles already out for sale. Moms and dads now is a great time to pull the bike from hiding in the garage. While it might not be cycle weather check the fit, check the bicycle and make any needed repairs for a great summer ahead. Spring is coming, so pedestrians and motorists need to share the road.