Inmates injured in Sask. Pen fight

Saskatchewan Penitentiary. (Herald File Photo)

One inmate from the Saskatchewan Penitentiary was taken to hospital following an altercation with another inmate recently.

The injured inmate has been returned to penitentiary after receiving care at an outside hospital on Jan. 20.

“Staff responded quickly to resolve the incident and deployed chemical agents and impact munitions to prevent further injury as per the Engagement and Intervention Model,” said the Correctional Service of Canada in a news release on Jan. 24.

Both inmates were evaluated by health care staff but only one required outside care.

CSC says the Engagement and Intervention Model is a risk-based model intended to guide staff in preventing, responding to, and resolving incidents using the most reasonable interventions. “The goal is always to prevent further injury and any use of force is limited to what is necessary and proportionate to manage the situation at hand. This may include a progression of measures to de-escalate and resolve the situation, such as verbal warnings, the use of impact munitions or warning shots,” said the news release.

Follow up by CSC involves taking a look at each incident to see what can be done to prevent and address similar situations. Information and practices are shared with police, other agencies and partners to prevent other situations.

Correctional staff and police continue to investigate the incident.