Initiative looking to feed vulnerable community members needing assistance

An initiative hoping to help elders and other vulnerable community members affected by COVID-19 closures is launching at Parkland Hall.

The Community Cares Kitchen is a partnership between Access Place, Prince Albert Grand Council Urban Services and INDIGital

INDIGital, which operates out of the Bernice Sayese Centre, is working with the Grand Council to create a community care kitchen. The purpose is to provide care for elders and vulnerable community members.

Food security, they said, is a top priority.

INDIGital director Natalie Guimond said they are serving soup and sandwiches to elders and vulnerable community members, focusing on delivery.

They’re looking for donations, including food items, delivery drivers and other supplies, such as coffee cups with lids.

For those who can’t access delivery, food will be served at the Gate at Access Place through brown bag lunches between 2 and 3:30 p.m. Soup from the community care kitchen will be shared with the Gate to support the Homeless Population.

“It’s a joint partnership with a lot of other organizations that are currently shut down,” Guimond said.

“We all have limited budgets. This was not an expected expense for us. We’ are definitely calling out for the items (we need).”

So far, the limited support the program has received has been “amazing,” Guimond said.

PAGC Urban Services provided Parkland Hall., as well as some support for grocery items for sandwiches. Donations have also come through the Bernice Sayese Centre, West Flat Citizens Group and River Bank Development Corporation.

Some are even donating out of their own personal reserves.

In addition to coffee cups and lids and delivery drivers, the program is in need of

For sandwiches:

Bread/buns, margarine, mustard and mayo, luncheon meats, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes or sandwich vegetables,

For soup:

Meat, frozen or fresh vegetables, potatoes, rice or lentils, soup bases such as OXO, diced tomatoes or tomato soup


Soup bowls/lids, Sandwich bags, Brown bags or similar, gloves, j cloths or paper towels.

Donations can also be accepted for hunters.

“We can work together to ensure that the collective of community members we all work with will have access to a  daily meal,” Guimond wrote in an email to other city not-for-profits.

Anyone looking to help can contact Guimond at or at 306-930-1339