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Home News Increasing fines for changing times

Increasing fines for changing times

Increasing fines for changing times
Jason Kerr/Daily Herald Leaving your car while it idles in the parking lot could soon be an expensive proposition. Prince Albert city councillors are considering a bylaw amendment that would see a $300 fine imposed for drivers who engage in the practice.

Residents who leave their cars parked with the engine running could soon be facing a steep increase in fines.

On Monday, city councillors began debating a new bylaw amendment that would see residents fined $300 if they leave their car running without locking it. The fine would be reduced to $150 if paid early.

The new law is designed to help crack down on the number of car thefts in the city, which Prince Albert police say has increased this year.

“It’s something we can stop and stop quickly, so that’s why we’re going to take action,” Mayor Greg Dionne said during an interview on Tuesday. “It’s a dangerous practice.”

According to a report presented at Monday’s executive committee meeting, Police have noticed an overall trend where vehicles are stolen while unlocked and idling on the street. Between Jan. 20 and Jan. 22, a total of five such thefts occurred.

The report notes that tracking down these stolen vehicles is “taking up a significant amount of police resources each time they need to investigate a vehicle theft.”

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