How regional facilities fared in the long-term care report

Mont St. Joseph Home is a private, not-for-profit special care home in Prince Albert. Submitted photo.

A report released Friday detailed praise and concerns at each of the province’s long-term care homes. Here’s some of what residents had to say about facilities in and around Prince Albert:

Birchview Home, Birch Hills
What’s working well:
Access to occupational therapy and physio at home, recreation seen as very supportive.
What needs improvement:
Satellite dish reception not available to all residents
Food issues raised – not always having choices residents like
Staff meeting occasionally leave no one on the floor — issues addressed after being brought up so should not occur anymore
Staff want a system to allow for better communication in the facility.

Whispering Pine Place, Canwood
What’s working well:
We like everything. Staff are wonderful and do their best
There is nowhere else I would rather be.
What needs improvement
Would really like to have a resident cat or a pet

Kinistino Jubilee Lodge, Kinistino
What’s working well:
Residents complimented the nursing and care staff. The facility was very clean and well-maintained, different dietary needs were supported and the recreation included various events and outing
What needs improvement:
Some residents were looking for more flavourful food, concerns raised about clothing lost in laundry and some residents wanting a resident cat.

Parkland Place, Melfort
What works well:
Facility is well-maintained and is welcoming, skilled and knowledgeable facility administrator, residents are encouraged and able to personalize their home and pursue their hobbies
What needs improvement:
Management and staff have safety concerns at night as cellphone coverage doesn’t cross from house to house, the way linen comes in results in additional staff time to sort and store, opportunity to increase the use of visual management to engage staff.

Pineview Lodge, Nipawin
What works well:
Residents and family members commented very positively about their experience, appreciating the staff and care provided, as well as church services and music activities. Residents commented that the food was good but had some suggestions.
What needs improvement:
Residents commented that food was good but that there are too many green beans in the menu and that they prefer meat and potato type meals. The new blinds are appreciated but leak light around the edges.

Herb Bassett Home, Prince Albert
What works well:
Everything! Food is mainly good, recreation does a great job. Jen, the rec director, is always very pleasant, perky and positive; special events are very well done and music is always well attended and enjoyed.
Family members feel comfortable approaching the person in charge if they have concerns. There are many volunteers and the courtyards are beautiful and inviting
What needs improvement:
Communication; some staffing issues, seem understaffed at mealtimes and residents have to wait for care such as toileting.
Meals were late the week of the tour, meaning family members that take time away from work to feed their loved one had to leave before feeding or return to work late; families that visit frequently do not feel they can go away and trust that the care would be consistent.
There is a void in entertainment on the weekend.

Mont St. Joseph Home, Prince Albert
What works well:
The home is quite nice and is always seasonally decorated. Having children from the daycare around is a real delight.
There is always someone to help residents get to meals and activities. Staff are friendly, polite, respectful and treat residents well. Residents fell well looked-after and feel lie they have some freedom.
What needs improvement:
More entertainment and outings, some concerns about the food, breaks overlapping sometimes leads to concerns when residents need more attention.

Pineview Terrace, Prince Albert
What works well:
Good care from staff, excellent recreation programming. Residents feel they have a lot of choices and they know who to go to with concerns.
What needs improvement:
Repetition in the menu and lack of taste in food, lack of internet access.

Parkland Integrated Health Centre, Shellbrook
What works well:
Beautiful space, food is generally very good. Very good care from staff but they seem understaffed. Good variety of recreational activities.
What needs improvement:
Limited choices for patients with dietary restrictions, variable access to physician care and some concern about lack of ambulance service,.

Newmarket Place, Tisdale
What works well:
Residents and family very pleased with the food, appreciated everything the staff did for residents. Entertainment is well-attended and fun, Residents and family feel respected and part of their loved ones’ care.
They feel they are given the same choices as if they remained in their own home.
What needs improvement:
Sometimes it gets a little chilly at night.

View the full 200-plus page report below. The report is sorted into facility, arranged in alphabetical order by community.