Hollick and Rowden returned as chair and vice chair of Sask Rivers school board

Michael Oleksyn/Daily Herald The Saskatchewan Rivers School Division board of education met at the Education Centre in September

Barry Hollick is back for another year as chair of the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division board of education.

Both Hollick and vice chair Darlene Rowden were both returned to their posts by acclimation during the board’s organizational meeting on Monday. Hollick was nominated by Rowden, while Rowden was nominated by trustee Allan Nunn.

“It’s a real honour to be chosen by this group as board chair,” Hollick said after thanking Rosden for the nomination. “It’s a real honour to be chosen to represent what I feel is one of the best school divisions in the province.”

Hollick said Sask. Rivers has an incredible staff and a great board. While the last year has been challenging, he’s confident the division will move forward in a positive direction.

“Last year with the challenges and the things that we had to face and the way we came through, it was really really empowering,” Hollick said.

“We are still dealing with COVID and I think we have plans to meet the challenges that still are ahead of us. I am really looking forward to another successful year with the support of everyone on the board and the admin support as well. I think that we are in for a good year.”

Photo Courtesy Saskatchewan Rivers School Division Barry Hollick

Hollick cited enrolment as one of the key issues they’ll be watching over the next year. He said the current trends are very positive.

Rowden, who just completed her first year as vice chair, has been learning on the job. She credited senior staff for helping her step into the role, and said she’s eager to continue that work in year two.

Photo Courtesy Saskatchewan Rivers School Division Darlene Rowden

“Last year it was a learning curve,” she said. “It was fun working with a great board and I cannot say enough about our senior admin staff and the support that they gave me.

“It is an honour to be the vice chair of this board and I am looking forward to another great year ahead.”

Hollick and Rowden added further thoughts in a press released sent by the school division on Tueday afternoon.

“It is an honour to serve the students, families and electors as Board Chair. It is also a pleasure to work with Trustee Rowden as Vice-Chair and with the entire group of dedicated trustees,” Hollick said.

“It is a privilege to work as Vice-Chair with this group of trustees who are so committed to strong governance and to overcoming challenges to provide excellence for our students,” Rowden added.

SUBHEADLINE: Organizational meeting news and notes

The school division appointed McKercher LLP of Saskatoon as their solicitor for 2022. The firm gave a presentation to Administration Council and came highly recommended from other Chief Financial Officers.

The board also set transportation areas for 2021-2022 as is their custom at the organizational meeting.

The board also set external board appointments including various employee bargaining committees, operational committees, third party committees and standing or ad hoc committees.

They also set the School Community Council clusters where various trustees would be assigned for 2021-2022 along with alternates for each cluster. They also set up a system in which trustees could swap clusters without formal changing over in the meeting.

Education Director Robert Bratvold was also pleased to see the stability in Hollick and Rowden’s return.

“It is nice to have that affirmation of the leadership of the board,” Bratvold said. “When you have got the chair and vice chair being acclaimed, it shows an appreciation for the work that they have done, and also confidence in their direction going forward. It’s a nice show of support and it is also shows some stability in that sense too, so it’s a good thing.”