Highway 3 Baseball League in the works for 2021

A series of exhibition games between senior men’s baseball teams from Prince Albert and Birch Hills this summer could lead to a full-fledged league come next year.

The Highway 3 Baseball League is currently in development for the 2021 season with organizers asking teams to submit applications for if they want to take part in the league.

“Prince Albert Minor Baseball brought in some men’s night this year and we ended up putting together a few games with some of our guys here in Birch Hills, which turned out to be very successful,” Adam Morrison said. “We had a pretty good turnout for those exhibition games and a lot of people were asking me if we were going to get a league going.

“I started talking with Lance Alexander of PA Minor Baseball and we both thought it was strange that there weren’t any senior baseball leagues around here. We figured there’s got to be enough people in the communities that are in the Prince Albert and Melfort area to put together a league.”

The league’s structure would be similar to the North Saskatchewan River Baseball League, which has teams based in communities such as Kindersley, Lloydminster, Meadow Lake, North Battleford, Unity and Wilkie.

“We really want to make this league one where local guys are playing for their local teams,” Morrison said. “We’re kind of the only part of the province where there isn’t a senior men’s league of any kind.

“There are a lot of guys around my age (mid-20’s) that all played when they were younger but there was nowhere for them to play after they turned 18.”

According to Morrison, there has been interest so far from people in Birch Hills, Melfort, Porcupine Plain and Prince Albert to put together teams for the inaugural season of the league.

“We’re not putting any huge boundaries out there yet as we want to see where we get interest from first, but we want to cut down on the travels that guys are currently dealing with,” Morrison said.

“If you want to play to senior baseball right now, you have to drive about two or three hours for a game, so it would be much easier for them if they were just going from Melfort to Tisdale or from Prince Albert to Birch Hills after work on a Tuesday. We’re catering to those guys who are working, going to school, or working on the farm, especially in those smaller areas.”

Those who are interested in more information on the Highway 3 Baseball League or in submitting an application for a team can do so by emailing Morrison at adamwraymorrison@gmail.com or by visiting the league’s Facebook page and submitting a private message.

“In terms of the application, what we are looking for right now is just your name, location and some contact information,” Morrison said.

“We’re going to have a few meetings during the fall and winter to sort things out a bit. We are taking baby steps at the moment as we put things together and hopefully get going in 2021.”