Health region reports $850 in missing cash from immunization program

The Prince Albert Parkland Health Region main office. Herald File Photo

Hundreds of dollars vanished from the health region’s vaccine program this year, and police still haven’t found out who took it.

The Prince Albert Parkland Health Region reported that $850 in cash went missing sometime between March and July 2017. The loss was first detected at the public health office in the L.F. McIntosh building, which had received money from immunization clinics across the region.

“The region discovered that the funds were missing after a review of invoices,” said health region spokesperson Doug Dahl. “It was then reported both internally to the Ministry of Health as well as to the police.”

Police have not yet identified a perpetrator, according to both the ministry and Dahl.

Dahl said that the health region later noticed “problems” in the safeguards for protecting cash before it’s deposited. But he stressed that new reforms should remedy the issue.

“We have developed new processes to both track and safeguard the funds,” he said.