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Home Opinion Grey Power: what will a minority government bring?

Grey Power: what will a minority government bring?

Grey Power: what will a minority government bring?

John Fryters

History will prove that minority governments in Canada produced some fine results. Minority governments led by Lester Pearson, Paul Martin and Stephen Harper stand out. All of these came with its own peculiar circumstances. And that will certainly be true for the Justin Trudeau minority.

This will be a minority against a backdrop by unprecedented pressure of Western alienation, even to point of serious attempts to organize a Western separation movement (WEXIT), and an unprecedented pressure by Western Provinces, including the Province of Saskatchewan, presenting “new deals” to the Prime Minister. On November 12th, Premier Moe had his first meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and he reported that it was a very clear disappointment.

Of course, the ultimate success of this minority government will depend on the cooperation of the official parties, the Conservatives with the NDP, the Greens, and the Bloc Quebecois.

Another question is, “Can we, as individual voters or citizens, take advantage of the minority position of the government ?” I believe we can. For instance, if you have any individual ideas about the delivery of services and programs within your own community, this might be the time to present them to the government. Of course, you do so through your own Member of Parliament who can directly approach the respective Ministers. A minority government might be more open and listen to and consider innovative ideas. Do not anyone discourage you. Just go after what you want. Believe me, this is an opportune time !!!!

In the Western Provinces, we are currently in a crisis. And “crisis” creates “opportunity”. This provides you with the opportunity to dream and create or develop anything you want and to bounce it off to your elected officials. Nothing is off the table. You can create whatever is in your heart. Innovation is in your hands.

We have to understand that the window of opportunity might be small as another federal election could be called at any time. That is the downside of minority government.

John Fryters is a 71-year old senior who is enthused about helping his peer group. He can be reached by e-mail at campus@inet2000.com or through www.seniorprincealbert.com