Girls attempt suicide in Stanley Mission

Stanley Mission, located about 320 km north of Prince Albert. Photo courtesy Fremte/Wikimedia Commons.

Two young teenage girls have attempted suicide in the northern community of Stanley Mission, according to multiple sources.

The girls are sisters, according to one source, and had a close connection to a girl who committed suicide in October of last year.

A staff member from the band office said that attempted suicides have been an ongoing problem since the time of that incident.

Health Canada issued a statement in response to the attempts.

“The Government of Canada is deeply concerned about the suicide attempts made in Stanley Mission yesterday,” the release said.

“Health Canada is committed to supporting Stanley Mission to ensure they get the support they need to respond to these recent attempts. That includes ensuring the continuity of funding for mental health services in Stanley Mission.”

The ministry said that they have provided funding to partnership organizations that allows “seven mental health therapists to provide counselling to at-risk youth, seven days a week.”

They also said that youth in crisis can call a 24-hour mental wellness line, at 1-855-242-3310, to talk with a Cree-speaking counsellor.

Stanley Mission is located about 320 km north of Prince Albert. The Stanley Mission Cree Nation is a part of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band.