Get jailed for charity: Free our Finest lights up Prince Albert

Saskatchewan Association of Conservation Officers pose for a photo at the Free Our Finest Event on Thursday – Uko Akpanuko/Daily Herald

Uko Akpanuko

On Thursday the residents of Prince Albert rose up to the challenge of raising funds for the Special Olympics athletes through the Free Our Finest Event organized by the Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) in collaboration with Special Olympics Saskatchewan.

While the “arrests” and “posting of bails” were going on, several officers were on site to arrest or be arrested and to showcase their agencies like the Prince Albert Police Service, Saskatchewan Association of Conservation Officers, RCMP, Department of Highways, Prince Albert Provincial Correctional Centre, thereby helping to raise funds for the Special Olympians in Prince Albert and Saskatchewan.

“This is all for fun, we have arrested people for wearing shinny shoes, for being too caring, anything goes. This is going today till about 6 p.m. but arrested persons are free once their bail has been posted but whoever wants to donate can go to the Special Olympics Saskatchewan website to make their donations,” said Sgt. Rhonda Meakin of the Prince Albert Police Service.

“Today we are having our Second annual edition of Free Our Finest Event and it’s to raise funds to support our athletes for the Special Olympics Saskatchewan. We are partnering with the Law Enforcement Torch Run(LETR) and working towards changing minds and hearts of the people in this community  towards people living with disabilities,” said Egi Ahmad, the Director of Marketing and Development, Special Olympics Saskatchewan.

Our finest, the “arrested persons” were seated in the “jail’ making calls to friends, families and colleagues to help post their bails.


“I love this event and I think it’s a great way to support the community especially the Special Olympics. The idea of fund raising is one of the key things that I love about this event. I have been a volunteer for the Special Olympics Golf team, so I am really looking forward to raising a team for the event next year” said Isabella Halverson, a graduate of Sociology from the University of Saskatchewan and one of the people arrested.

 “I am one of the volunteer coaches with the Special Olympics golf team, these athletes are very talented and this will help give them the opportunity to show off their capabilities, giving them a career. A lot have gone very far in the Special Olympics and   it shows that they are more than capable just like any of us”, said Brooklyn Grimard, a Psychology student with University of Saskatchewan and another person under arrest.

The Art Hauser Center parking lot surely played host to the finest in Prince Albert and its environs while raising funds for the Special Olympics athletes. Others were encouraged to spread the news and encourage people to donate towards this course.