For my brother

A woman places a candle as a part of a vigil for missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls on October 4, 2017 in Prince Albert. (Peter Lozinski/Daily Herald)

Audrey Miller

From when we were just Little Kids

You’ve been the Greatest Brother

We walked the bumpy Road of Life

Each learning from the other.

And every time that I would fall

And cry, “I can’t go on”

You would always pick me up

And help me carry on.

You have always been there, Ron

In ALL my times of need

Asking nothing in return

You’ve never known greed.

You always did believe in me

When I, myself, could not

You’d light your Lamp and Lead the Way

You wouldn’t let me stop.

You’ve always given me support

In everything I’ve done

Whenever I’ve been down and out

You’ve ALWAYS been the one:

The one that I could turn to

For words of sound advice;

The one that I could count on

To make my world seem right;

The one that I could come to

To share each dream and plan

You never laughed or criticized

But offered me your hand.

Whenever good things happen, now

You always come to mind

Because you’re just to Thoughtful

And so Caring, and so Kind.

And when I’m humbly knelt in Prayer

Conversing with our Lord

I Thank Him Every day, for you

My Gratitude, outpoured.

I write these words express for you

Please use them as a gauge

To measure how much you are loved,

My Heart is on this page.

Love, Forever