Family donates $100,000 towards hospice chapel

John and Ethel Holash had a strong faith and the donation in their names will go to the chapel. Photo submitted.

Susan McNeil

Local Journalism Inititative Reporter

The Holash family wanted to honour the legacy of their parents, with a mother who died years ago of cancer and a dad who died right after the pandemic started, while at the same time helping others ease the burden of watching loved ones die. 

They decided to do it in a big way by donating $100,000 to the Rose Garden Hospice, with multiple family members kicking in some money to help hit the final the total. 

“This donation is made on behalf of my mom and dad who are no longer with us,” said Mitch Holash. “We waited to ensure that we can remember them well and appropriately. We feel that the hospice, which would have been there for Mom when she went through this, is the perfect next contribution to the community.”

Ethel and John Holash brought their family to Prince Albert in 1973.

“We grew up here and have a very strong connection with Prince Albert,” Mitch explained.

John Holash worked for Molson’s in Prince Albert and in Saskatoon and Regina as well.

Ethel died of cancer in the Holy Family Hospital in 1996, with no hospice care available at the time. John died two days after COVID started in March 2020.

“Dad had a very small, private funeral but he was a well-known person who would have had hundreds at his funeral,” Mitch said. “There were six of us there as a result of the pandemic restraints at the time.”

“He lived another 25 years beyond Mom but stayed active in the community and was very supportive in many, many areas,” Mitch added. “They were very faithful people and the donation is given in support of the development of the Spiritual Chapel at the hospice.” 

Mitch and his siblings have all contributed to the donation. He has two sisters donating, his children are donating and his brother also is donating.