Escaped young offenders back in custody

Herald file photo.

A trio of young offenders who escaped from the Prince Albert Youth Residence on Thursday have been found.

The Prince Albert Police Service discovered all three of the escaped youths within city limits and had them in custody by Monday. According to police spokesperson Sgt. Travis Willie, one youth was recaptured on Saturday, another on Sunday and the last one on Monday morning.

Willie said most inmates are tracked down shortly after escaping. In cases like this, where searches take more than a day, it’s common to see them head their separate ways.

“There have been instances over the years I can think of where you have a couple of kids take off and we find them together, whether it’s two or three,” he said. “Usually we’re able to locate them within an hour of (the escape) being reported. The longer it takes for us to find them, the more likely it is that they’ve split up.”

The three youths were reported missing at around 9:10 p.m. on June 21 after assaulting a guard at the facility. All three were remanded on serious indictable charges in the secure custody part of the Prince Albert Youth Residence.

Photos and identities of the escapees were provided to the media following a successful court application. With all three back in custody, media outlets are required under the Youth Criminal Justice Act to delete those articles from their online sites.