Dust control on Lincoln Park Road issue dealt with by RM of Prince Albert

The RM of Prince Albert held their regular meeting on Thursday, March 19 despite the recent closure of their office due to novel coronavirus.

The RM of Prince Albert met for the first time since March on Thursday, May 14 and dealt with issues such as dust control on Lincoln Park Road and changes to bylaws.

Reeve Eric Schmalz explained that there have been calls about dust control.

“We are not doing dust control currently but we are testing a product for soil stabilization,” Schmaltz said.

Earlier in the meeting, the council conducted a conference call with Mark Hryniuk of GreenBond in regards to dust control on Lincoln Park Road.

“He provided us with an update and we have decided to go ahead. There are some details we need to hammer out as far as warranty and road preparation, preparing the road for that product to go on. But there is 1.5 kilometers of Lincoln Park Road and then 300 meters of an access road will be getting this,” Schmaltz said.

According to Schmalz the product is poured on at a higher temperature so the viscosity is similar to water it then leaches into the ground and congeals with the soil to prevent washboard roads.

“A side benefit is dust control but the main objective of using this product is to prevent washboard and the need to have a grader go down grid roads in short windows. Right now we have a grader going down Lincoln Park Road every three or four days and that ties up our grader from serving the rest of the RM roads,” he explained.

They also updated their subdivison and drainage and pumping bylaws to reflect what the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority does to fill a gap. The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority covers anything that is not within the subdivision and they control pumping and the natural flow of water.

“Essentially what we needed to do there was a gap in our bylaws that didn’t cover subdivisions and that has been closed now. The bylaw just brings what the Saskatchewan water agency has into subdivisions allowing us to prevent people from digging massive drainage ditches and flooding out their neighbour. It also allows us to regulate, people need to move water we understand that and when they do they need to do it within some guidelines and make sure they are not interfering with other people’s property when they do it,” Schmalz said.

They also did some work with hiring beaver trappers to control beaver population to prevent flooding of farmland.

The council also renewed the agreement with Legal Counsel Larry Zatlyn.

The meeting was held at the RM of Office on River Street with all councillors and staff present except Division 5 councillor Wayne Acorn. The meeting was closed to the public and media.