Ducks have returned to Prince Albert Memorial Gardens

The ducks have returned to Memorial Gardens in Prince Albert after they were released on Thursday./Submitted photo

The ducks are back at Memorial Gardens in Prince Albert after taking a one year hiatus because of COVID-19.

Memorial Gardens did not have a traditional duck launch like they have in the past but the ducks are back at the site.

Austin Atchison, branch manager of Prince Albert Memorial Gardens, explained that they raised the ducks on site and cared for them and did a house launch on Thursday morning.

“Essentially what we are focusing on is that they are back and we welcome people social distancing and we just welcome them back,” Atchison said.

“We have lots of people asking about them. They are our mascots and they are back in the gardens,” he added.

He explained that he is excited to have the ducks back at Memorial Gardens.

“We want to keep this park-like setting out here and the ducks being here it just adds to the beautification of the property. We have people that visit weekly and even daily they will come to visit their loved ones and just seeing the ducks is comforting,” he explained.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions Memorial Gardens was unable to involve schools as they have in the past. They explained that they welcome back their mascots because of evolving changes in restrictions and welcome all the people who want to visit the ducks.

It is an annual tradition to release the ducks. In 2018 there over 300 students from ten schools raised ducklings before they were released into the space.

“Unfortunately last year we couldn’t do anything with ducks but this year we can at least have them here,”

In a release, they explained that their annual duck launch has always been about care, and fun, but also about letting go; this year, the ducks have taught something else- about sticking together, hope and joy.

Memorial Gardens invites everyone in Prince Albert to take a step back, relax and reflect. They hope by bringing the ducks back that they create a safe place for people to do this.