Drug-impaired driver arrested in Friday vehicle stop

(Herald file photo)

A 50-year-old woman is facing an impaired driving charge after police caught her behind the wheel under the influence of drugs.

At about 9:55 a.m. on Friday, patrol located a suspect van.

The driver tried to avoid them by pulling into a gas station and then quickly driving away.

Officers conducted a vehicle stop at the intersection of Central Avenue and 22nd Street West, which is by Kinsmen Park.

They arrested the driver and impounded her van because she was visibly drug-impaired.

A Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) conducted a test at the police station, confirming her impairment.

The woman has since been released and is scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 19.

The Prince Albert Police Service (PAPS) received 321 calls over the weekend, making 79 arrests.