Dream reality

By Ayami Greenwood

In my dream it’s just me
I create for all eternity what’s mine.
Good and evil are not bound to be,
by circumstance arranged.

This life is not by chance found.
I alone choose the grand design.
I will not lose what’s dear.
I will win against sin, lies.

The advice of angels, I require,
to take me to priceless higher states
where, with care, I make my world
I need a hand, divine, to make a change.

It seems a paradox, confusing.
But, it’s completely clear, wise, my dream.
I’m here on earth to dance my worth,
to pay my dues and learn of the fates.

Understand, I earn my wat to heaven.
I must love to rise above.
I must use this time to guarantee
eternity, free sublime.

How I fare is my choice.
Yet, I must choose good actions, voice
Or, I require karma, the wheel, again.
It’s just you and me, I feel, ordained.