Don’t cross the Red Wolves

Red Wolf Boxing Club boxer Easton Pelletier-Armitage takes part in a sparring session during the Prince Albert Exhibition. -- Photo by Marjorie Roden

In the Exhibition Centre, in one of the conference spaces, the Red Wolf Boxing Club is doing demonstrations twice daily to show the public some of their boxers’ skill set.

The display is being done as part of the Prince Albert Exhibition. The demo is set up just a few meters away behind the Jamaican Patty snack bar and past the washrooms in the Exhibition Hall building.

Three boxers were present in the form of Cole Ahenakew, from Ahtahkakoop First Nation, and Lukas Tamayo and Easton Pelletier-Armitage, as was their coach, Bradock Koch.

“We started last year. I came out of retirement to train competitive boxers,” Koch said.
Koch has over 50 years worth of experience to help the members of the club learn how to be better boxers through his experiences over the years.

“It’s not like a regular club, like (for) people who do fitness and stuff like that,” said Koch.

“It’s just for boxers taking part in competition, and I have eight boxers.”

What can spectators expect to see during the daily demonstrations, taking part from 3 to 4 pm, then at 7 to 8 pm, up until Saturday evening, when the Exhibition wraps up?

“We show them how boxers skip, how they use hand pads, and a little bit of sparring,” said Koch.

“Sometimes, we’ll get the spectators inside the ring to hold the hand pads, and they can win a t-shirt.

“You need to be in peak condition to compete. Especially my fighter there (Ahenakew), he’s had 12 fights. Once you’ve had 10, you go open. You can fight anyone. 50 fights or 60 fights, doesn’t matter. That’s a big step up and there’s no room for anything, but it’s the best at that level.”

To learn more about the Red Wolf Boxing Club or any other boxing in the city of Prince Albert, you can go online to