Danielle Castle

From the Culture Days video in 2017. (Danielle Castle/Submitted)

Danielle Castle, Submitted

Danielle Castle is a local artist and visual arts educator. She was born in Surrey, British Columbia but spent most of her time growing up in Prince Albert. Since early childhood she has been passionate about the arts; spending her days pursuing creative endeavors, teaching her family and friends new techniques for making art and was often found lost in her imagination.

Danielle began her art career when she started instructing children’s art classes at the Prince Albert Arts Centre in 2013. Over the years Danielle has created diverse arts programs ranging from drawing to cooking. She has been the public face for the Prince Albert Arts Centre for events such as the annual Street Fair and Family Expo. One of her proudest moments was doing the visual art for LJ Tyson’s music video Locals, this video is still being used to represent Prince Albert. Danielle also led art activities at the Co-op Community Oasis Garden Youth Program in 2018 and 2019. She is now currently the Acting Gallery Educator at the Mann Art Gallery.

Making sun prints with the community at the Street Fair. (Danielle Castle/Submitted)

As an art educator Danielle is constantly learning and practicing new mediums. She has worked with mediums such as graphite, inking, pastels, paints, sewing, nature, weaving, clay, paper mache, food, card making, mixed media and many more. Her favourite mediums to work with are watercolor and pens.

Danielle’s biggest inspirations come from being a mother, connecting with the community, spending time in nature, gardening, music and watching anime.

Danielle Castle’s watercolour painting, ‘Berry Bush.’ (Danielle Castle/Submitted)