Council adopts arena design

City council voted to choose the horseshoe shape over a circular or an oval shape. Submitted image.

Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Prince Albert Daily Herald.

After considering a circular and an oval design, Prince Albert city council opted in favour of the horseshoe-shaped design recommended by a steering committee.

The committee cited six reasons for liking the horseshoe design, including having the most seats as close as possible to the sports floor.  Another is the roof design which they say will reduce the cost of the building. 

The large arena portion of the project has an estimated $60 million budget. 

Councillor Zepp asked about the cost differences of the three options the committee looked at. 

“At this stage in the conceptual design, no costs were considered in the selection process,” said Wes Hicks, director of public works. “It’s more about the seating and getting as close as you can to the actual action on the ice. But as you can see in the report, the other two options had a greater roof span, which would have made them more expensive.”

He said it was clear to the steering committee that the horseshoe design was superior so they did not “dig down” into the costs of the other two options. 

The cost of the schematic design is included in the $3.2 million budget that will also pay for the conceptual and detailed design. 

The money was approved previously and the money has been set aside in the City budget. 

most seats as close as possible to the sport floor, the seating is ideal for concerts because of the amphitheatre shape, there will be minimal seat loss for an end stage concert, lots of back of house spaces, no loss of parking stalls and it has the smallest long span distance for the high room structure, making it more cost effective.

Councillors Zepp, Tony Head and  Charlene Miller all voted against the motion. 

The carried motion also gave the job to consultants BBB & KSA.