Clear the road

Submitted photo. Residents in Ward 5 have been complaining that streets like Branion Drive (pictured) aren’t being cleared fast enough. The city says they always try to start plowing as quickly as possible, but there are certain procedures that need to be followed before they begin.

Like many Prince Albert citizens, Barry Shefernack has seen his fair share of snow.

While clearing roads and sidewalks can be a nuisance, Shefernack said he’s never noticed any problems with the city’s snow removal service. That changed this year.

As a resident in Prince Albert’s Ward 5, Shefernack said he’s concerned about how long it takes the city to remove snow from Branion Drive and Muzzy Drive, two high traffic roads in the area.

It’s an issue that has him concerned.

“I thought that was not right, when you have two schools (on Branion Drive) and all that traffic,” he said.

Shefernack wants to see the city take another look at its snow removal policy, and he isn’t the only resident in the area worried about the problem. A number of attendees at the Feb. 2 Ward 5 Neighbourhood Meeting expressed concern about everything from how long it takes to plow city roads, to the way the cities prioritize which streets get done first.

School zones in particular are suffering, say residents, who are concerned about traffic pileups in a vulnerable area.

“Everything was cleared on Branion from one end to the other, except the school,” on resident said during the meeting. “As a parent in this area … a school zone should be the first thing that gets done. That’s your priority, because kids start running, they slip, they fall, and you can’t stop.”

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