City looking for transit feedback

The City of Prince Albert is looking to generate discussion as it moves forward with a plan to make transit ridership more appealing.

On Wednesday, April 25, the city will host a public consultation with local residents to hear what’s working and what’s not.

“Just talking to people about transit is always beneficial” said the city’s transportation manager, Keri Sapsford. “You get to hear the good things and the bad things, and you’re not just getting complaints … you would get normally on a day-to-day basis. You’re actually getting a full picture.”

In particular, the city is looking for feedback on its rush hour service, known as the 15th street shuttle. City statistics show the route is underused by the public, and past city councils have considered putting it on the chopping block on more than one occasion.

“Right now it accounts for our lowest ridership,” Sapsford explained. “We have options to either modify it or remove it.”

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