Choir’s spring concert adheres to variety of musical tastes

(Herald file photo)

The Prince Albert Concert Choir’s annual spring performance on Sunday consists of several styles.

It takes place at 7:30 p.m. at the Calvary United Church and features guest artists Peter and the Wolves, a bassoon quartet from Saskatoon.

The choir currently has 28 members, all with different talents—which Director Robert Gibson uses to their advantage.

“People in the choir all have different tastes and I try to accommodate that, so I can try and hit as many bases as I can or in this case, as many singers that I can and their different likes and dislikes,” he explained.

Gibson has been the director of the choir for 12 years.

Sunday’s concert has “just about everything from classical, Mozart and earlier than that. We’ve got some Russian music in this program. We’ve got some jazz and everything in between.”

He hopes members of the community will step out of their comfort zone and listen to what the choir has to offer.

Gibson said they’ve been preparing since January, which shows how challenging of an art choral singing is.

“It’s kind of like sports, if you will. It’s a team thing. You’ve got to get the team to gel, pieces to gel. It’s the same with a choral group or it’s the same with a band. It’s the same with anything. It’s not just getting one person, it’s getting several people to click.”

Admission to the concert is free, but they will be accepting donations.