Catholic faith a focus of Catholic Division priority plans

Herald file photo.

Catholic faith response, mental health support and wellbeing, learning responses for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12, and a focus on reading are the four themes of the Prince Albert Catholic School Division’s priority plan, which was approved on April 25.

The school board approved the plan after receiving stakeholder feedback. Education director Lorel Trumier said the plan will help them set goals going forward.

“The priority plans are school division plans that align with what the provincial direction is in three areas and the fourth area that we have a priority plan is a local one,” she explained.

Trumier said the goal is to improve student learning, and this helps them identify specific actions or programs that will help.

“For example, in our Catholic dimension, faith formation is a very important part of our work,” she explained. “It is where we talk about our social justice teachings. It also is a place where we talk about how our Catholic faith permeates our bullying prevention program or pro social behaviour lesson.”

Trumier said that one part they look forward to working on more is Truth and Reconciliation.

“With the Pope’s potential visit to Canada, we really want to focus on the preparation over the next two months, as well as into the next year because the conversation isn’t over, the learning isn’t over,” she said.

Trumeir said the Pope’s visit to Canada show just how important reconciliation is.

“We are excited about that. That’s really good work,” she said. “It is a lot of work. It’s the right work. The calls to action for education is the right work, so we are endeavouring to make sure that our teachers are continuing their journey training in those areas, and we are going to then be able to in turn support our students.”

The board reviewed the stakeholder survey and a summary of the feedback.

The plans are reviewed annually and more changes could be made.