Catholic Division planning improvements at each school in division

Daily Herald File Photo

Plans are under way for improvements to all of the schools in the Prince Albert Roman Catholic School Division.

Education director Lorel Trumier said the upgrades include new playgrounds at four elementary schools, which the division recently created a Request for Proposals (RFP) on SaskTenders.

“We are going to do a project that our children would benefit directly from,” Trumier said. “We earmarked some dollars, so we do have that process occurring right now.”

Trumier said she expects the projects to be completed by October. If not, the new equipment will be in place by next spring.

We are really pushing the envelope on our timeline but you can see that we are optimistic about doing this,” Trumier explained. “We know that it is for our students, and so we are really motivated.”

The division recently completed an audit of all of the playgrounds and launched the RFP. According to SaskTenders, the RFP for new playgrounds at Ecole St. Anne, St. Francis School, St. John Community School and St. Catherine Catholic School.

“I’m excited about that,” Trumier said. “We are on schedule for that and as soon as the RFP process is done, we will select a vendor or vendors.”

The other elementary schools, Ecole Holy Cross and St. Michael Community School will see the gymnasium floors replaced. Trumier said all student would benefit from those improvements.

Meanwhile at Ecole St. Mary High School, there will be improvements that both help the popular arts program and socializing opportunities for students.

“We have lots of students that participate in that (arts) and we are putting new curtains in the lecture theatre (and) purchasing more tables for our commons area for students to spread out a little bit more, (and) have more tables available,” she explained. “We know that COVID is still present in the community and we felt that students need places to eat with their core group of friends.”