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Catholic Division meets with Minister of Education

Catholic Division meets with Minister of Education
Photo courtesy Government of Saskatchewan.

Director of education Lorel Trumier and board chair Suzanne Stubbs of the Prince Albert Catholic School Division met with Minister of Education Dustin Duncan on Dec. 8.

The meeting was to discuss supports and strategies to address COVID-19 and safety for staff and students. Trumier explained that the division tries to meet with whomever the Minister is to discuss successes and challenges and highlight the division.

“We continue to have those conversations and we had a meeting with Minister Duncan and we were fortunate that MLA Hargrave was also available and able to meet with us and discuss the challenges of the pandemic, the implications of what it means to student learning and achievement,” Trumier said.

When asked if they discussed the letter Duncan sent to board chairs in November, Trumier said they discussed everything around the pandemic.

“We, as a school division, need to ensure the safety of our staff and students at all times,” Trumier said Understanding strategies that work is part of the discussion, and we are always seeking the best processes to ensure that safety of staff and students.”

She added that the division continues to work with local Public Health officials to understand what is going on provincially.

“It’s changing times again with omicron,” Trumier said. “We are uncertain of what all that the data will show and bring, so we have to be on top of these discussions at all times. We are, on a regular basis, assessing and reassessing and revisiting and ensuring that we are doing what we can to protect our students, staff and ultimately the families in our community.”

Along with pandemic challenges, meeting attendees also discussed the ongoing development of the Provincial Education Plan 2020-2030. The province is currently working under an interim plan until the new Education Plan is completed.