Carlton’s Huddlestone named nominee for Biosteel All-Canadian Basketball Games

It’s been a great start to the senior season for Luke Huddlestone of the Carlton Crusaders, but he could have an opportunity to play on national TV and in front of NBA scouts.
The Carlton senior was one of 146 nominees for the Biosteel All-Canadian Games which will take place Mar. 30-Apr.2 in Toronto. The top 24 male and female athletes will travel to Toronto to work with some of the top Canadian coaches and participate in the All Canadian Games which are broadcast on TSN and also feature some NBA scouts in attendance.
Huddlestone says he is happy his work towards the sport has paid off.
“It means a lot in the way of the blood, sweat and tears that I put into basketball. It shows that it’s paying off. I’m not finished, but it’s nice to get a little recognition, I get a lot of recognition in Saskatchewan, but to get noticed in that top 100 guys it’s nice.”
Looking at the list of athletes selected to the nominee list, several attend prep schools across the country. Huddlestone says he had prep opportunities but chose to stay home to finish his education in his hometown.
“I just feel like it shows you don’t have to go to a prep to get noticed. Lots of people go to a prep to get noticed, it was an option for me but I didn’t take it. There is still hope if you don’t go to still get noticed and get an opportunity after high school at the next level. It shows you can get recognized and I’m happy that I’m not missing out.”
Huddlestone and the Crusaders will host 5A Boys Regionals on Mar. 18-19. If they qualify, Hoopla will be hosted in Prince Albert the following weekend.
He says he will look to use the nomination as extra motivation for himself and his teammates.
“It gives me a bit more motivation to show the guys and hold the guys to accountability and certain standards. If you can compete with me, you can play against anybody. It helps my team in that way and also playing against other teams I feel like it will give us some more confidence.”