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Brown takes a second run at Ward 1 council seat

Brown takes a second run at Ward 1 council seat
Daniel Brown is running in Ward 1 for the second time. -- Submitted Photo

After running unsuccessfully for city council in 2016, Daniel Brown is taking another crack at it in 2020.

Brown finished second behind longtime Ward 1 Coun. Charlene Miller in the last municipal election. He said little has been done to improve the ward over the last 12 years, and that’s why he’s running for a second time.

“A lot of stuff just needs to change down here,” he said during an interview on Wednesday.

Community services like snow-removal are Brown’s biggest concern. He said residents want to see snow removed more often instead of two or three times a year. Even when the streets are plowed on time, Brown said the snow gets piled on sidewalks, which forces pedestrians to walk on the street.

He also plans to add a second community clean-up date to the calendar. The ward currently hosts one in the spring, but Brown wants to add a second one in the fall. He also said he would hold quarterly meetings with residents to get their feedback on city policy.

Brown said he’s concerned about the lack of community in the West Flat, but believes the city can help change that by meeting more often with residents, and by partnering with community organizations like the PAGC.

“It shouldn’t just be a one man show dictating what everybody does or what the top priority is,” he explained. “More community involvement would be great.”

Brown said he’s also concerned about business development in the area, specifically with the old IGA building on the corner of 15th Street and 16th Avenue. The building has housed a number of businesses over the years, but is currently without a tenant. Brown wants the city to offer some tax incentives to convince the owners to develop the property.

“Either develop the building or sell, because it’s just sitting there as an eye-sore,” he said.

When asked about crime levels in Prince Albert, Brown said the city is doing a good job of handling the problem. He said the new Back Alley Curfew Bylaw is a great idea that will help keep the community safer.

“Unless you live on that street and your garage is back there, there’s no reason for you to walk down the dark alley in the middle of the night,” he said. “Walk on the streets where there’s a clean sidewalk and lighting and you don’t have to hide in the shadows. If you’re hiding in the shadows, well, you’re up to no good.”

Brown added that many of the public safety concerns can’t be handled by police or the City. Instead, he explained, parents need to take responsibility for their kids, and the courts need to hand down stiffer penalties.

“The police can only do so much,” he said.

Brown is a life-long resident of Prince Albert, and has lived in Ward 1 for most of that time. He said his parents were always active in the community, and their efforts showed him the value of public service.

“It’s just something that’s been taught to us–help out your community, get involved and do what you can to make things better,” he said.

Brown is the only candidate challenging incumbent Charlene Miller in Ward 1.

The 2020 municipal election is scheduled for Nov. 9.